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Sybase IQ 15 Migration Resources

Sybase Technical Support is committed to providing the most complete set of resources available to help customers have a successful migration.

Features in IQ 15.4

  • Enhanced compression of Varchar, Long Varchar, Varbinary and Long Varbinary
  • Option to create Table UDFs and Table Parameterized Functions
  • Query engine enhancement to allow execution of Java table functions
  • Spatial data supported by the catalog store query engine within IQ
  • New Sybase Central plugin with new feature support
  • Various enhancements to Sybase Control Center in the manage and administration area for IQ
  • Win32 platform support for IQ server has been dropped from this release
  • New product edition 'Express Edition' for customers who want to test IQ beyond the 30day eval period
  • JDBC based server classes have been deprecated



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