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Advantage Database Server Support Plans

Choose from our annual service contracts, per-incident support or use our free Advantage Developer Zone, which includes online FAQs and a knowledge base. From online tips to onsite consulting, iAnywhere provides the level of support that is right for you. These support plans do not apply to Advantage partners. Partners should contact their sales representative for more information.

Please note: All pricing information is in U.S. dollars ($). If you are based outside of the United States, please contact your Advantage sales representative for local pricing. Our worldwide distributors Web page will help you find your country’s sales representative.

Flat Fee Feature Comparison Chart

Plan Price Cases Contacts P1** P2** P3/P4**
Bronze $1,000 10 1 < 1 day* < 2 days* < 5 days*
Silver $4,000 Unlimited 2 < 4 hours < 5 hours* < 6 hours*
Gold $8,000 Unlimited 4 < 1 hour < 2 hours* < 6 hours*
Gold Plus $15,000 Unlimited 4 < 30 minutes < 1 hour* < 4 hours*

Per Incident Support

Plan Price Cases Contacts P1** P2** P3/P4**
Per Incident $275 1 N/A < 4 hours* < 5 hours* < 8 hours*
Per Incident $2,500 10 N/A < 4 hours* < 5 hours* < 8 hours*

*Business day support only

Customers will use its reasonable business judgment to categorize each support request associated with the Supported Programs as one of the following types of priorities:

Priority One ("P1"): The software is not operational and no workaround is possible, or a workaround exists but is unacceptable because of its impact on Customer’s business. Development or production is halted, or the problem is having a severe impact on Customer’s ability to continue development.

Priority Two ("P2"): The software is operational, but its functionality is seriously affected. There may be a workaround, but implementing the workaround is time consuming and will adversely affect Customer’s project.

Priority Three ("P3"): The software is useable, but development or production is impacted. Development/production can continue for a reasonable amount of time before the problem becomes critical. A workaround is available and acceptable.

Priority Four ("P4"): The software is useable, but Customer has a question or would like to submit an enhancement request.

Third Party Software
If you are using Advantage with a third party application, support for Advantage is provided through that application’s vendor. If you would like direct support from the Advantage Technical Support Team, a support contract must be purchased separately.

Advantage developer zone
For free, 24/7, unlimited access to FAQs, a knowledge base and other information you need, visit the Advantage Developer Zone. You can also find product information, code samples and technical support notes to assist you.

To purchase a support contract, please contact Advantage Sales at AdvantageInfo@ianywhere.com or phone us at 1-800-437-2460 or +1 208-322-7800.

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