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PowerBuilder Application Server Plug-in

Leverage your PowerBuilder development in J2EE environments with this new, innovative solution. The plug-in allows you to easily and seamlessly deploy PowerBuilder NVOs as EJBs to WebLogic, JBoss and WebSphere.

PowerBuilder developers have always been able to deploy NVOs easily and quickly into Sybase EAServer – and that hasn’t changed. For those developers who work in companies where other application servers are required, now there is an easy way for you to continue to expose your business logic throughout your enterprise, saving your organization time and money.

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  • Good for the Bottom Line - Leverage your existing code and skill set and easily deploy to J2EE application servers, without any additional learning curve.
  • High Productivity - Build business applications quickly and easily and leverage patented DataWindow technology for nearly code-free data access. Complete projects in days or weeks, not months or longer like with other tools.
  • Develop Without Risk - Continue to build your business-critical applications with technology that’s tried and true. PowerBuilder has been tested by hundreds of thousands of developers for more than a decade. It has staying power for a reason – it’s rock solid, a classic and it gets the job done.
  • Boosts Performance of Your Enterprise - With support for .NET and integration with J2EE platforms, PowerBuilder is the one tool that gets the job done faster than anything else.



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