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Modeling and Metadata Management

Implementing an integrated modeling approach to metadata management provides organizations with a mechanism to collect metadata from business, technology and information views, and integrates them into a single, repository-based way to access the entire enterprise. Once the metadata is captured and integrated, users know where they are and how changes will impact the direction they are going in.

Our customers are responding to this integrated modeling approach to metadata management because it allows them to communicate and collaborate interdepartmentally when it comes to executing business strategies and managing changes that are inevitable. They also tell us that using PowerDesigner increases their traceability and reuse of their data resources, and it creates a simplified and more cohesive form of communication for them.

PowerDesigner Modeling Tool

Sybase PowerDesigner, the industry-leading data modeling tool, is a solution for enterprise modeling and design that assists organizations in implementing effective enterprise architecture strategies. PowerDesigner integrates multiple industry-standard models together within a robust metadata repository to define and describe all aspects of the business and IT infrastructures to support business agility, regulatory compliance and metadata management.

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