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Replication Server Messaging Edition

To respond rapidly and effectively to today’s business challenges, organizations need immediate visibility into changing business conditions. For that to happen, they must be able to efficiently move relevant information from one part of the enterprise to another and connect people and applications with vital data at just the right time. Unfortunately, most of today’s information management systems aren’t ready to disseminate information proactively and intelligently. By design, most of these systems do an excellent job of capturing data, but relay it poorly. Instead, they wait for a person or application to ask a question – a process resulting in limited awareness of event changes, stale data and delayed actions.

Replication Server Messaging Edition, provides a solution to this problem by delivering heterogeneous database events proactively and non-intrusively, giving enterprises immediate visibility into changing business conditions.

With the Replication Server Messaging Edition, once-passive data management systems can now speed events to the rest of the enterprise. With all the tools you need in a single package, you can now get all your data moving to accelerate application deployment, increase business awareness throughout your enterprise and improve real-time decision making.


  • Heterogeneous - Supports any database to any message bus
  • Non-intrusive - Captures events non-intrusively and provides impact-free alerts and notifications from existing systems
  • No custom code - Provides code-free integration from the database to the message bus and eliminates the need to write custom polling applications


Messaging Standards Supported:


  • JMS
  • MQSeries
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