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Sybase HIPAA Transaction Manager

Notice: Sybase HIPAA Transaction Manager is no longer offered by Sybase. If you would like to speak with a Sybase representative to see how Sybase can meet your business requirements through other Sybase products and solutions, contact our sales team nearest you.

Sybase HIPAA Transaction Manager allows multiple types of transactions to be received in a single batch and for each transaction to be handled on an individual basis. This enables payers to extract the bad claims from a batch and report back to their providers on which claims were noncompliant while the compliant claims are being processed.

With Sybase HIPAA Transaction Manager, companies can:

  • Improve cash flow-Compliant claims are adjudicated without having to wait for noncompliant claims in the same batch.
  • Track and report-Facilitates the Payer's ability to track details regarding individual claims allowing them to report back to their Providers meaningful information about the transactions that were submitted, and they will be better equipped to educate their Provider community on compliance issues.
  • Increase versatility-HIPAA Transaction Manager is able to process transactions via file systems for batch processing and in memory to support real-time processing.

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