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Sybase and Red Hat

Red Hat and Sybase provide innovative open source platform solutions for business intelligence and data integration infrastructure.


Red Hat logoSybase IQ on RHEL is quickly becoming the #1 choice for business intelligence in financial services, telecommunications, and the government sector.

Sybase partners with Red Hat and HP to deliver the lowest TCO for mission-critical service levels while keeping the business running smoothly.

Sybase IQ Analytics Server deployed on RHEL is built from the ground-up to deliver customers dramatically faster results for business intelligence, reporting solutions, advanced analytics, risk analysis, and data warehousing solutions.

What People Are Saying:
"Today's businesses require mission-critical analytics, business intelligence and reporting solutions that deliver unsurpassed speed and affordability," says Dan Lahl, Senior Director, Marketing. "This benchmark serves as additional evidence of Sybase IQ's superior performance and scalability. Working with leading industry partners such as Red Hat and HP, Sybase IQ provides the leading analytics query speeds that organizations of all sizes require."

"Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a robust, high-performance and reliable platform for today's enterprises," says Rich Feldmann, Global Director, Financial Services Partners at Red Hat. "The combination of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0, HP and Sybase solutions has provided an impressive solution that is well-suited to meet the needs of industries that require fast and accurate information, such as financial service organizations."

Sybase IQ Solution

High-performance, cost-effective solutions for business intelligence and data warehouse implementations in the adaptive enterprise.

Sybase IQ®, a highly scalable analytical engine, is designed specifically for unsurpassed query performance and lowest total cost of ownership. Unlike traditional databases, Sybase IQ is architected for analytics — not transactions — with a column-based structure and patented indexing that make it the pertinent choice for data warehousing.

Sybase IQ delivers answers to your questions, hundreds of times faster than traditional data warehousing technologies. That means ad hoc query results are returned in seconds and minutes, instead of hours and days. Loading data in real time from any database environment with virtually no impact on performance, Sybase IQ enables better decision-making based on current information.

Why Red Hat?

  • Sybase IQ on Red Hat RHEL-based platforms deliver unsurpassed performance and total cost of ownership. Utilizing Sybase’s unique technology, your data is compressed by as much as 70%, reducing storage costs while RHEL-based platforms offer unmatched price/performance.
  • Sybase IQ eliminates the need to re-engineer for analytics, improving deployment time to a fraction of that required by traditional databases. Sybase competency centers ensure your solution has a success fast return on investment.
  • In February 2010, Sybase, Red Hat and HP announced an industry-leading TPC-H benchmark for Sybase IQ 15.1 running on an HP ProLiant DL785 server under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3. The benchmark demonstrates the ability of Sybase IQ 15.1 to deliver maximum performance with cost-effective non-clustered hardware, reducing the cost of ownership for organizations that need high performance business analytics and reporting.

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