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Sybase and IBM


For more than twenty years, Sybase and IBM have been providing our global clients with solutions that combine the strengths of Sybase’s data management , business intelligence and mobility technologies with IBM’s industry-leading hardware platforms.

Today, our relationship is stronger than ever. Sybase products running on IBM’s industry-leading Power™ Systems afford our mutual clients enhanced productivity and cost-efficient processing performance.

Our joint solutions include:

  • Server Consolidation for reduced infrastructure costs and increased predictability of service levels through ASE Cluster Edition for IBM POWER7
  • High performance, low cost data management solutions for migrating mission-critical enterprise applications to Sybase ASE and IBM Power Systems.
  • Accelerated analytics and reporting for improved business intelligence with Sybase IQ for IBM Power Systems.
  • Powerful data platform for improving risk intelligence in capital markets with Sybase Risk Analytics Platform on IBM Power Systems.

Solutions for Analytics

Designed for unsurpassed query performance and storage efficiency, Sybase IQ on IBM Power Systems is a highly optimized analytics server for complex ad hoc queries, designed to complement EDWs with ultra-high speed business intelligence and reporting.

Why IBM ?

Sybase IQ on IBM Power Systems address mission-critical infrastructure, with unsurpassed performance, reliability and low total cost of ownership.

Sybase IQ on new IBM POWER6 Benchmark White Paper

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