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If you have questions regarding the Sybase partner program please contact us:

Sybase Partner Program
(800) 879-2273 (option 1, 2)

For Faster Service:

Current Partners: Many of your questions have already been answered in the comprehensive Guide to Partnering with Sybase and How to setup your Partner account and password.

Download Sybase software, patches, updates and setup technical support contacts:
    (800) 879-2273 (option 3, 3)
Log a technical support case:
    (800) 879-2273 (option 3)
Get part numbers or resale authorization:
    Sybase (978) 287-1947
    iAnywhere (519) 883-6426
General product information and ordering

Sybase (800) 879-2273 (option 1, 1)
iAnywhere (800) 801-2069


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