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Discovery Days Seminar Series

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Seminars run 9:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M., with registration at 8:30 A.M.

Sept. 12

Toronto, ON

Sept. 17

Burlington, MA

Sept. 19

New York, NY

Oct. 10

Reston, VA

Oct. 16

Chicago, IL

Oct. 22

Atlanta, GA

Oct. 29

Irvine, CA

Oct. 31

Dublin, CA

Breakfast and lunch will be provided. One-on-one sessions with iAnywhere Solutions
technical staff available by appointment.

If you?re an application developer, you know that data management capabilities are key to your application. Your choices include:

  • develop a proprietary database ? which takes your focus away from your key expertise
  • require your users to purchase, install and maintain an add-on database server ? which adds costs and DBA headaches for your customers
  • seamlessly embed self administrating, easy to use database technology directly into your application ? saving costs and enabling you to offer an integrated, value added solution for your customers

Registration is required and space is limited, so act now!

Join us for an informative seminar offering a technical look at how SQL Anywhere® Studio offers powerful features that help to bring embedded database-powered applications to market quickly, and at a low risk. Learn how SQL Anywhere Studio?s interoperability complements and extends existing Oracle, IBM, Microsoft or Sybase enterprise database infrastructures ? enabling your customers to preserve their existing investments.

You?ll learn how SQL Anywhere Studio?s small footprint, coupled with its enterprise caliber performance and low administration, translates to the industry?s lowest cost of ownership for an embedded database. Register today to see why over 700 leading iAnywhere Solutions embedded application partners rely on SQL Anywhere Studio as the embedded database to power their sales and field force automation, CRM, logistics and other business critical solutions in financial services, healthcare, retail, hospitality, and government.



Embedding SQL Anywhere Studio into your applications
This session will explain the advantages of embedding a database within your application. It will discuss the required product characteristics, the choices available to developers and the SQL Anywhere Studio features that make it ideal for an embedded environment. You'll also learn why SQL Anywhere Studio has been proven to offer the lowest cost of ownership among embedded databases.

Leveraging Your Development Tools and Existing Data Sources to Build
SQL Anywhere Studio Applications

One of the reasons for SQL Anywhere Studio's popularity among application developers is its open architecture and interoperability with existing systems. This session discusses how you can use your current C/C++, Java, Visual BASIC, PowerBuilder, or C# (.NET) development environment for embedded database applications. As well, the discussion will include an overview of SQL Anywhere Studio's features to access external data sources, synchronization between multiple databases including Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and Sybase, and migration tools. Live demos will be used throughout.

Deploying Your SQL Anywhere Studio Applications

Now that you've developed your embedded database application, you need to easily deploy it to your customers. This session provides a step-by-step technical overview of how to embed SQL Anywhere Studio components within your application. Topics to be discussed include: silent installs, use of InstallShield objects and templates, and details of the SQL Anywhere Studio directory structure. It also provides a technical overview of Manage Anywhere Studio™, demonstrating how it can help facilitate software distribution, software upgrades, remote device management and asset management.

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