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UltraLite Component Suite

UltraLite is a database technology targeted to mobile and handheld devices. UltraLite has been available for C/C++ developers and Java developers as part of SQL Anywhere Studio. The UltraLite Component Suite brings this proven technology to users of rapid application development systems. Using the UltraLite Component Suite, UltraLite is now closely integrated with easy-to-use tools extending your choice of development environments for mobile enterprise applications. The UltraLite Component Suite exposes the UltraLite API as an AppForge MobileVB control, a Microsoft ActiveX and a Java class library (using JNI). This allows a developer to create UltraLite applications with Appforge, Visual BASIC, eMbedded Visual Basic on PocketPC and/or PalmOS; or with Java on PocketPC using the Jeode Java VM. In addition, the UltraLite Component suite provides a flexible architecture that will allow for the creation of future components.

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The UltraLite Component Suite is available separately and as part of SQL Anywhere Studio. For the free download, click here. If you have obtained the free download above, SQL Anywhere Studio (8.0.2 or above) is required to add the following capabilities to your UltraLite applications:
  1. Synchronization - SQL Anywhere Studio users can synchronize the data in UltraLite applications with any ODBC-compliant central database.
  2. Reference database - SQL Anywhere Studio users can generate an UltraLite schema file from an Adaptive Server Anywhere database.
If you are interested in updating your version of the UltraLite Component Suite, click here to obtain the free SQL Anywhere 9.0 Developer Edition. This download will include all UltraLite components including some additional ones added in V9.0 (eg. UltraLite.NET component).

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