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Business Process Integration Tech Corner

Sybase Business Process Integration (BPI) technology was acquired with the purchase of New Era of Networks, an EAI market leader, in March 2001. In the BPI Tech Corner, you will find material that we've selected specifically to help you become better at integrating ERP, CRM, and legacy applications using Business Process Integration products that range from Adapters, Integration Servers and Business Activity Monitoring to HIPAA and EDI products. Business Process Integration solutions provide Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process Management, Business Activity Monitoring, and Web Services Solutions.

What's Hot:

  • Sybase has shown ebXML leadership with Sybase Open Source for ebXML Messaging. Access the Open Source at www.sybase.com/developer/opensource.
  • Impact customers: Use the Impact newsgroup to exchange your questions and tips about upgrading to Impact 5.3!

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