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PB-EAServer Extension Projects

If you're extending a PowerBuilder application to the Web and beyond, bookmark this page and look no further for your online help. This PB-EAServer Extension Web site is the best place to stay current on the latest resources, code examples, tips and technical insights to successfully extend and Web-enable your own PowerBuilder applications using EAServer.

  Education and Events
  WEB132: Migrating PowerBuilder Client/Server Applications to the Web: A Management Perspective
  DEV442: Accelerating Enterprise Web Application Development
  DEV335: Building Object-Oriented Applications with PowerBuilder 8.0
  DEV440: Building Applications with PowerBuilder 8.0 and EAServer 4.0
  DEV551: EAServer Administration

PowerBuilder to EAServer Partner Solutions

To find a partner that can help with PB-EAServer projects, go to http://ptnrweb.sybase.com/public/findapartner.html and choose "PowerBuilder to EAServer Migration" from the first drop-down list.

PB-EAServer Successes
Technical Documents
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