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Success Stories
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American Physicians Insurance
API specializes in underwriting, claims handling, marketing, risk management, day-to-day servicing and accounting. API needed a business intelligence solution that would put meaningful, easy-to-access data directly into the hands of business users. (2006-07-26)

Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio™ (IWS) allowed Lindorff to take advantage of standard models for profitability and customer relationship management analyses. (2006-05-18)

Allianz Australia
Data feeds from a Windows-based claims processing system move to Sybase ASE and are routed to Sybase IQ for warehousing and analytics. (2006-04-03)

Masterlink Securities
With Sybase IQ, Masterlink Securities has smoothly incorporated all its business databases and back office systems and can now apply business analytics to get instant and accurate assessments of its clients' transactions. (2006-02-14)

Quadrant Risk Management
Quadrant's B2 solution supports banking consultancy with established, state-of-the-art technology that fits within any existing IT architecture. Developed with Sybase PowerDesigner, Sybase Industry Warehouse Studio, and Sybase IQ. (2006-02-14)
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