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New Features in PowerBuilder 12.5.1
This document describes the new features for PowerBuilder 12.5.1.

PowerBuilder 12.5 .NET Features Guide
This manual provides an Introduction and information about the GUI, Targets and Projects, DataWindows, Scripts and Code Fundamentals, Database Managment, and more.

InfoMaker 12.5 Installation Guide
This book is for anyone installing InfoMaker 12.5. It addresses installation, product licensing with SySAM, migration information and other topics.

InfoMaker 12.5 Getting Started
This book introduces InfoMaker and provides a tutorial for learning to use InfoMaker. The lessons teach basics and how to create forms, reports, queries, and graphs.

InfoMaker 12.5 Connecting to Your Database
This book is for anyone using InfoMaker to connect to a database. It assumes you are familiar with the database you are using and have installed the server and client software required to access the data.

PowerBuilder 12.5 Connection Reference
This book describes the database parameters and preferences you use to connect to a database in PowerBuilder 12.5.

New Features in PowerBuilder 12.5
PowerBuilder 12.5 installs with two separate IDEs. The familiar PowerBuilder IDE is rebranded as PowerBuilder Classic. The new IDE is called PowerBuilder .NET.

PowerBuilder Classic 12.5 DataWindow Reference
This book provides reference information for the DataWindow object. It lists the DataWindow functions and properties and includes the syntax for accessing properties and data.

PowerBuilder 12.5 Application Techniques
This how-to book guides you through programming techniques used to build and deploy PowerBuilder applications and components. It details various collections of techniques for implementing many common application features.

PowerBuilder 12.5 Connecting to Your Database
This book describes how to connect to a database in PowerBuilder by using a standard or native database interface. It gives procedures for preparing, defining, establishing, maintaining, and troubleshooting your database connections.
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