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Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Wellmark leveraged their use of PowerDesigner's data modeling tool to build an Enterprise Architecture implementation following the Zachman ontology.

HDI Insurance
Using ASE, Replication Server and Sybase IQ, HDI Insurance can technologically support company growth with improved database transaction capabilities as well as more secure operations and increased management capacity.

GWQ ServicePlus
With Sybase IQ, GWQ ServicePlus can now store and analyze large data sets efficiently so that the company can more easily add new customers and conduct research that helps create new product offerings.

By making it possible to analyze large data sets of patient illnesses and treatments, Sybase IQ helps insurance companies and their healthcare-provider networks improve patient care while also reducing the cost of insurance programs.

Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions
Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) can now more efficiently process large volumes of data submitted by insurers and generate reports faster with Sybase technology to optimize processes and streamline database performance.

Medihelp, South Africa’s third largest health insurance company, needed a better way to access and analyze data on customers, claims and third party providers in order to monitor the effectiveness of its insurance products. It turned to Sybase IQ.

The-K Insurance
As database user-demand grows due to the addition of new customers and insurance products, The-K Insurance maintains application performance by balancing internal and external user-access demand across multiple databases with ASE Cluster Edition.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
With the help of Sybase technology, ICICI Prudential can now help customers more effectively and to a greater extent because employees have immediate access to accurate, up-to-date information.

Baloise Insurance
Using iAnywhere Mobile Office from Sybase, Baloise Insurance made it accessible to employees through a self service portal – helping to improve user satisfaction while reducing IT costs.

Caser Seguros
The deployment of Sybase IQ allows Caser Seguros to update data on a daily basis and ensure its immediate availability for analysis. In addition, the company is now able to streamline business processes and deliver information in real-time.
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