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Enterprise Connect Data Access

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Central Vermont Public Service
Replication Server and Replication Agent allow CVPS’ Sybase ASE and Oracle databases to share information in real-time and offer a heterogeneous database communication solution that was less costly than a comprehensive middleware solution.
Indian Railways - National Train Enquiry System
To provide the general public and customer service representatives with accurate train status reports, Indian Railways deployed five Sybase ASE servers accross five geographical zones within the country
Sun Hung Kai Financial
With pressure mounting to meet the challenges of ever increasing market volumes, SHKF addressed the challenges by implementing Sybase IQ and Enterprise Connect Data Access to host a new analytics system for report generation and data analysis.
Israel Discount Bank
Israel Discount Bank, one of Israel's leading financial institutions, provides a full range of domestic and international financial products and services. It relies on Sybase technology to support the foreign and Israeli currency trading.
Direct Insurance
Direct Insurance's management system was developed with Sybase technology. The system manages the sale of policies, premium calculations, a collection system, client handling, claims handling, and infrastructure systems such as workflow.
DeBeers Venetia Diamond Mine
The Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise database and DirectConnect middleware system operates as a virtual database that allows applications to transparently access data that resides in multiple sources by creating a proxy database and tables.

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