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Kodak Gallery
With Sybase IQ and SAP Business Objects, Kodak Gallery’s business users worldwide can now effectively track the results of product and marketing programs more effectively with the ability to quickly generate activity reports in real time.

Metro SA
Metro SA was undergoing significant expansion within its retail and cash & carry operations. Sybase IQ was selected to consolidate data for accurate and real-time business decision making, thereby helping Metro to maximize profitability.

Panasonic UK
Panasonic uses Advantage Database Server to facilitate its transition and to power its new system while ensuring uninterrupted business operations, high performance, reduced costs and virtually eliminating maintenance.

Keefe Commissary Network
Keefe Commissary Network, a provider of food items, personal care products, clothing and electronics to inmates at correctional agencies, uses Afaria to manage its data and ensure the security of information exchanges.

HMV Japan
Sybase IQ enables HMV to balance functionality with the cost of its new marketing system, while integrating in-store and eCommerce Web site data for detailed analysis.

C-Square is the one of leading solution providers of enterprise-resource-planning (ERP) software for the pharmaceutical industry in India. Sybase SQL Anywhere and PowerBuilder allow C-Square to lower costs for its customers.

Wippells Autos and Auto-IT
Thanks to the Sybase powered Auto-IT solution, Wippells Autos can now track results against key performance indicators.

Kyobo Book Center
With the help of Sybase technology, Kyobo Book Center is creating services to provide customers with a more comfortable and convenient shopping environment.

Shanxi Tobacco Company
Shanxi Tobacco Company uses Sybase IQ to not only provide a consistent, unified analysis platform, but as the cornerstone of its —green— data warehouse.

Saudi Company for Hardware (SACO)
Exemplifying the Unwired Enterprise, SACO, the Saudi Company for Hardware (SACO), uses Sybase technology for data management, disaster recovery and a mobile warehouse inventory system.
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