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Public Sector
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National Institute of Statistics (INE)
Mobile devices utilized by field personnel at INE are now more secure and can be managed and supported remotely thanks to Afaria, so that personnel can spend more time in the field collecting data.

South Australia Health
South Australia Health chose a combination of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise and Sybase IQ to create a powerful analytic connection between its data source and SAP Business Objects business intelligence solution.

Dorset County Council
Through the use of Afaria enabled mobile devices, Dorset County Council employees can now perform their jobs more efficiently since they do not need to travel to the office as often, and data is collected from the field remotely.

Taiwan National Police Agency
With its Sybase solution, the Taiwan National Police Agency can now provide information more rapidly to its mobile police workforce to increase the rate of crime cases detected and solved and to help provide a higher level of service to citizens.

Province of Hubei
By using Sybase technology the province of Hubei can now guarantee fast, real-time report-generation enabling senior leadership to manage tax operations more efficiently and forecast tax revenues more accurately.

State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services
The Maine Child Welfare Information System presents real time data to allow supervisors and caseworkers to provide timely interventions and permanency plans, allowing more children to be successfully placed in permanent family settings.

Philippine Social Security System
Philippine Social Security System (SSS) partnered with Sybase 365 to develop a cutting-edge SMS portal to provide its members access to vital social security data via mobile devices.

AMS ? Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich
Using Sybase IQ, Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich (AMS) developed an innovative new data-mart that allows for ad-hoc queries and significantly reduces IT infrastructure costs.

Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts
The CPCMS is a statewide system for criminal case management developed by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.

NY-ALERT sends rapid messages to the citizens of New York in minutes, ensuring the state stays knowledgeable and safe. Sybase SMS 365 enables NY-ALERT to send out notifications to 3.6 million subscriber’s mobile devices.
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