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Life Sciences
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Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
The Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) collects and communicates scientific information regarding seas and oceans providing both a better understanding of and sustainable management of our planet.

National Center for Genome Resources
NCGR uses Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) to manage its ever-growing pool of genome information and support the multiple applications accessing it.

Garvan Institute
Garvan Institute needed to generate detailed reports that merge lab research with information on patients suffering from a variety of diseases. Garvan turned to Sybase ASE 15, serving as its reliable platform for more than 30 separate databases.

Alfred Wegener Institute
Using Sybase technology the German Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Maritime Research (AWI) established an information system to make climate and environmental research information available to the general public.

Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR)
Scientists at The Institute for Genomic Research demand a fast, solid and reliable database engine to map genetic material. With Sybase ® technology, they are opening new frontiers of genome-based scientific research and following their inspirations.

Bayer BioScience
Bayer BioScience is one of the main innovation and research centers for Bayer CropScience, it uses Sybase to implement seamless evolution and future-proof software development; enhancing researcher's effectiveness and reducing inconsistencies.

Galileo Southern Cross
The CrossCheck Travel (CCT) solution, powered by SQL Anywhere Studio and created with Sybase PowerBuilder and development expertise from Sybase Professional Services

European Southern Observatory
The European Southern Observatory, using Sybase technology, revolutionizes the operations of ground-based astronomical observatories, allowing scientists to complete research up to 10 times faster.

Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit
The Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit, part of the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge University, uses Sybase to catalogue years of data so astronomers can efficiently search for and request information.
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