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SQL Anywhere Archived Versions
This table lists supported platforms for archived versions of SQL Anywhere.

User-Defined Function Development for Sybase IQ and RAPStore - Best Practices Guide
Note: This document has been moved to the Technical WhitePapers section of Sybase.com. Copy this URL: http://www.sybase.com/detail?id=1066612 into your browser, or open this document and click on the hyperlink in the resulting redirect page.  authorized

Common Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.0 and 12.5 Issues on Sun Solaris
Some issues have been identified with Adaptive Server Enterprise running on the Sun Solaris platform. This TechNote describes the problems, their symptoms and causes, workarounds where available, and solutions.

General Purpose Java Debugger
A version of the Adaptive Server Anywhere Debugger which has been modified to debug Java code

EAServer / PowerBuilder Memory Tuning and Troubleshooting
This document is intended for both EAServer and PowerBuilder users. It provides information about tuning and troubleshooting memory management. The document includes information about tuning parameters, diagnostics, memory leaks, and the API.

EAServer and WebLogic Interoperability via Apache SOAP RPC
This sample demonstrates how an EJB in EAServer can use Apache SOAP RPC services to invoke Web application components in WebLogic

Create JSP in JBuilder to Retrieve ResultSet from EAServer Connection Cache
How to create a JSP in JBuilder that retrieves a ResultSet from a database using an EAServer connection cache. The JSP retrieves a list of books from the EAServer sample database and formats the data into columns in an HTML table.

Guidelines for Code Set Interoperability with PowerBuilder and EAServer
Includes coverage of transmission code set, client code set, component code set, PowerBuilder code set, The 'euro' character, guidelines and recommendations

EAServer 5.0 Web Services Samples
EAServer 5.0 includes new Web Services features. There are 10 samples available to help you get started using Web Services. Sample topics include security, PowerBuilder, EJB, Java, dot NET clients, and more.

EAServer 4.2 Web Service Using PowerBuilder 9 Component and Client
Steps you through creation and deployment of a PB component, using the EAServer Web Services Toolkit to automatically generate the WSDL, creating the proxy from PowerBuilder, and creating a PB client to invoke the web service.
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