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Military Sealift Command
Using Sybase technology, Military Sealift Command (MSC) created a solution that enables it to supply personnel with ship-specific reference tools. MSC ensures their fleet is well monitored, while minimizing costly emergency maintenance. (2006-10-04)

US Department of Energy
A joint solution from Sybase and Cynergy Systems enables the the Department of Energy to web-enable and enhance real property management. (2006-10-03)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service needed a new meat and poultry hotline application to make it easier for food safety education specialists to capture important data and focus on customer service. (2006-09-08)

United States Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC developed a reliable data-rich warehouse producing faster load times and query results, and more comprehensive information views - all at a lower cost. (2006-07-24)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police used flexible Sybase PowerBuilder to build a dispatch system that is a graphical crime analysis tool for discovering patterns in legacy crime data and resource deployment. (2006-04-21)

Korea Health Insurance Review Agency
Using Sybase IQ, Korea HIRA consolidated treatment details countrywide and provides immediate access to five years' worth of data. (2006-03-20)

São Paulo State Treasury Department
A data warehouse holds economic, fiscal, and collection information on more than 800,000 companies as well as information on 13 million vehicles. (2006-03-20)

U.S. Department of Transportation
The U.S. Department of Transportation has given the transportation community fast, reliable access to disparate data through a high performance solution with Sybase IQ. (2006-03-17)

Emerald City Software
Emerald City Software—s ATLAS Workforce Management application, powered by Appeon working with Sybase PowerBuilder's RAD capabilities, is the first of it—s kind to be implemented in the corrections community. (2006-02-03)

GSA Advantage!
Using Sybase products, GSA Advantage! encompasses 11 million products and services and nearly half a million registered customers. 2.4 million orders totaling $1.5 billion have been placed using GSA Advantage!. (2006-01-06)
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