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Advanced Analytics for Financial Institutions Solution Brief
Sybase has partnered with respected analytical solutions provider Fuzzy Logix to bring its in-database analytics library known as DB Lytix to the market on the Sybase IQ 15 platform. (2010-04-27)

An analysis of IQ 15.0 and IQ 12.7 performance on HP platforms
This paper provides results of testing that demonstrates the performance gain between IQ 12.7 and IQ 15.0. (2009-08-18)

ELIXIA Health & Wellness Group
ELIXIA Health & Wellness Group is a leading European provider in the field of sports, wellness and health, serving more than 170,000 people. ELIXIA uses SQL Anywhere for club administration resulting in check-in times in less than two seconds. (2007-01-19)
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