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DBD::ASAny Perl Driver
Allows access to SQL Anywhere databases from Perl scripts. (2012-04-03)

The SQL Anywhere PHP Module
PHP module to retrieve data from an Adaptive Server Anywhere database. (2009-05-11)

Hibernate Dialect for SQL Anywhere
This dialect for SQL Anywhere 10 is BETA software and is intended for inclusion in the JBoss Hibernate open-source distribution and licensed under LGPL. (2008-08-28)

General Purpose Java Debugger
A version of the Adaptive Server Anywhere Debugger which has been modified to debug Java code (2005-01-09)

Borland Adaptive Server Anywhere DBExpress Driver
The following paper describes how the Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA) DBExpress driver can be installed in order to provide high performance access to your ASA database through Delphi. (2004-04-27) Part#n/a
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