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Optimizing ASE 15 (Enterprise) for IBM AIX on IBM Power 6 and 7
An IBM and Sybase white paper on optimizing Sybase 15 for IBM AIX 5L, AIX 6.1,and AIX 7.1 on IBM Power 6 and 7 Processor based Servers. Updated for ASE 15.7. (2012-12-23)

Sybase® Business Continuity Reference Architecture on IBM® Power Systems
This paper summarizes a collection of modern business continuity concerns that affect organizations in every industry. (2012-07-25)

Sybase®, SAP® and IBM® — Reshaping IT Economics
Individually, SAP®, Sybase®, and IBM® are well known for their successful customer engagements and long histories of extensive investments in research and development. (2012-07-25)

Sybase® ASE on IBM® Power Systems™ Reference Architecture
This paper explains the benefits of the reference architecture paper to explain the benefits of the Sybase ASE/IBM Power Systems solution, as well as summarize a series of test results. (2012-07-25)

Sybase® Advantage Database Server® 11: A First Look
This paper is designed to introduce you to the many exciting new features introduced in Advantage 11. (2012-07-12)

Information Architecture Design Principles and PowerDesigner
The companion piece to the white paper, 'Business Oriented Information Architecture: Immediate Solutions and Framework for the Future' written by Richard Ordowich of Knowledge Integrity explores how PowerDesigner supports each of these design principles. (2012-06-19)

Seizing the Mobile Enterprise Opportunity
This paper outlines three business trends converging to create a singularly pivotal opportunity for mobile software solutions providers. (2012-06-11)

The State of 4G Deployments & the Importance of Analytics
Heavy Reading's whitepaper addresses the status of 4G deployments and how carriers use advanced analytics to derive more value from their 4G investments. (2012-05-25)

Key challenges in risk management
An exclusive WatersTechnology survey of senior risk and IT decision-makers in international financial institutions on the key challenges they face in managing risk. (2012-05-11)

Big Data and Smart Trading
The convergence of big data and smart trading is leading to the rapid development of new, profitable, and often fascinating trading strategies. (2012-05-09)
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