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Case Studies
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Rafael Belloso Chacin University (URBE)
URBE uses Sybase to improve teaching and learning processes by offering the latest technological tools, such as computer labs, fast Internet connections via campus-wide Wi-Fi, video projection resources and home computer classrooms. (2011-04-05)

Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts
The CPCMS is a statewide system for criminal case management developed by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts. (2010-10-21)

Beijing's 3-Tier Judiciary Courts
Beijing's 3-Tier Judiciary Courts improved work efficiency using a combination of Sybase products: ASE, Replication Server, SQL Anywhere Studio and EAServer, to exchange information of each judiciary court and department in real-time. (2009-08-28)

Is Yatirim
A leader and innovator in capital markets, Is Yatirim uses Sybase technology for data management, development and design to assure it meets its organizational goal of accelerated growth and optimal customer service. (2009-05-27)

Greenbrier Companies
When Greenbrier decided to develop customer interfaces for the Web it chose Sybase EAServer for its web application server with PowerBuilder which created perfect tool to take this company online. (2009-01-26)

eProductive Limited
eProductive Limited's aim is to provide a completely new approach to labor scheduling in the hospitality industry. It turned to Sybase for a solution to eliminate its highly complex, time-consuming, paper-based procedures for labor scheduling. (2008-02-26)

Landbouwkrediet/Credit Agricole
Using Sybase technology, the front office overseeing over 230 Landbouwkrediet/Crédit Agricole branches provides unified access to integrated applications across a highly diverse user group (2007-07-16)

Portima is a cooperative organization established by several major Belgian insurance companies. Portima turned to Sybase technology to prioritize the needs of brokers to manage, simplify and provide consistency for the many IT products available to them. (2007-06-12)

Poonawalla Group
The Poonawalla Group of Engineering Companies needed to automate valve control to ensure safe and effective performance. Using Sybase technology, The Poonawalla Group created an integrated solution that provides increasing benefits. (2007-04-13)

Sichuan Mobile
Sybase helped Sichuan Mobile properly bill 50,000 customers while also integrating the new billing system with other corporate billing systems and establishing a database infrastructure that allows for future technology upgrades. (2007-03-08)
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