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Wireless Proof of Concept: Communication between QAnywhere and Integration Orchestrator
This white paper describes a wireless Proof of Concept using 2-way JMS messaging between a Mobilink-aware handheld device and Integration Orchestrator.

A Sybase Business Process Automation Example: Workers' Compensation Claims Auto Adjudication
This white paper explains how to use Sybase solutions for business process automation, using a Workers' Compensation Claims process as an example.

Trade Lifecycle Management White Paper, October 2003
The purpose of this white paper is to document the implementation and configuration of a simple trade lifecycle scenario as well as discuss the issues encountered during testing.

BizTracker Alert Management System White Paper
The Alert Management System (AMS) is a set of components responsible for the processing and distribution of received alerts which is used by Sybase BizTracker?.

Extending Process Server Functionality Using Plugins
White paper and C++ project code samples.  authorized

Ims53cnc Command and Argument description: A Technical White Paper
Impact 5.3 was shipped with a binary that provides a command line option. This document provides the command line syntax and examples.

Sybase Open Source for ebXML Messaging Technical White Paper
This technical paper accompanies the Sybase Open Source for ebXML Messaging, and provides a detailed description of how Sybase's implementation of the ebXML messaging layer can assist with B2B integration.  authorized

Using the Web Services Toolkit with EAServer 4.1
This white paper gives an overview of the Web Services Toolkit and how it can be used with EAServer 4.1.
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