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Partner Certification Report
MicroStrategy 8.1.2 with Sybase IQ 15.0 and SQL Anywhere 11.0, revised June 2009, Report 315
Certification of MicroStrategy 8.1.2 Desktop and MicroStrategy 8.1.2 Intelligence Server against reporting databases on Sybase IQ 15.0 and SQL Anywhere 11.0, using Sybase ASE 15.0 as the MicroStrategy Metadata Repository. (2009-06-30)  authorized

Manually Dropping a Corrupt Table and its Related Objects
If you cannot drop a corrupt table using the drop table command, you can drop it manually using the steps in this technote. (2009-04-20)

Timeslice Error Explanation
This TechNote describes timeslice errors. (2008-08-11)

Interoperability Matrix for ESQL/C & ESQL/COBOL (11.1 - 12.5) with Adaptive Server Enterprise and Replication Server
This document shows the interoperability of ESQL/C and ESQL/COBOL 11.1, 12.0 and 12.5 with Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.9.x, 12.0 and 12.5 and Replication Server 12.5, 12.1 and 12.0 on various platforms. (2003-05-29)

Interoperability Matrix for Open Client with Open Server, (10.x - 12.0) Adaptive Server Enterprise and SQL Server
This document shows the interoperability of Open Client 11.1.1 and 12.0 with Open Server 10.0.4, 11.1.1 and 12.0, Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5.x, 11.9.x and 12.0, and SQL Server 11.0.3. (2001-10-17)

White Paper-Technical
The 'Why' and How' of Migrating to ASE 11.9.2 and 12.0 - A UK User Group Masterclass
Highly recommended: This detailed discussion of how to migrate to ASE 11.9.2 and 12.0 was presented at a Sybase UK User Group Masterclass by Ian Annis. It is in PowerPoint format and is downloadable. (2001-03-14)
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