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Sybase ASE Total Cost of Ownership - A Comparison to Oracle (Bloor)
Bloor Research concludes that Sybase ASE is significantly superior to Oracle 11g with respect to TCO. ASE was more economical in over 85% of cost measurements and over 20% less expensive in the areas of licensing, administration, support and more. (2011-09-09)

Managing Data Growth Through Intelligent Partitioning: Focus on Better Database Manageability and Operational Efficiency with Sybase ASE (IDC)
A recent IDC survey of more than 100 database professionals shows that for companies with large and rapidly growing databases, performance and scalability are key concerns that require constant vigilance. (2010-12-01)

Worldwide Mobile Device Management Enterprise 2009 – 2013 Forecast and 2008 Vendor Shares-Sybase iAnywhere Profile (IDC)
This excerpt includes all or part of the following sections: IDC Opinion, Methodology, Market Definition, Situation Overview, Leadership Grid, and the Sybase iAnywhere vendor profile. (2009-08-10)

Make the Right Database Investment (The Standish Group)
Based on data gathered from thousand of companies, When comparing TCO for Sybase ASE 15 and Oracle 11g, Standish Group found that Sybase ASE had 28% less downtime, resulting in $55,000 yearly savings. (2009-05-21)

Risk Analysis on the Fly: Fast Markets, Complex Portfolios (TABB Group)
More-active measurement and management of risk in complex portfolios and across complex trading organizations is a potential source of profound differentiation. (2009-05-12)

Mystery Solved! Linux is Cheaper - PERIOD (Standish Group)
The Standish Group says: "Open source interest is rising and Linux is achieving major vendor support and user endorsements," and "Linux is here to stay...Overall, the most cost-effective solution running to date is Sybase ASE running on Linux platforms." (2004-09-07)

HRG Assessment: Risk Management in the Securities Industry - Challenges for Data Management (Harvard Research Group)
Risk management is about consciously taking the risks we want to take, for a fair price, without taking on too much risk or being blindsided by the unforeseen. (2004-05-05)

HRG Assessment - Autonomic Computing and Sybase’s ASE 12.5.1 (Harvard Research Group)
Harvard Research Group feels that Sybase’s ASE 12.5.1 is an offering worth considering for use in business critical transaction intensive environments. (2003-12-19)

The Standish Group - Battle of the Databases: Focus on TCO (The Standish Group)
This paper presents real data gathered from thousands of CIOs over the past several years that shows "applications will be, on average, more than 15 percent lower cost when running on Sybase ASE versus the equivalent offering from Oracle." (2003-11-12)

The Middleware Revolution: Who's Hot and Who's Not in the Integration Space (TowerGroup)
"TowerGroup believes Sybase and Financial Fusion will continue to package competitive STP solutions within capital markets verticals" - TowerGroup (2003-09-05)
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