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End of Life Notice for TradeForce Swift Msg 5.0
External End of Life Notice for TradeForce Swift Msg 5.0

Security Issue in EAServer 5.2 and Earlier.
EAServer 5.2 contains a security vulnerability that is resolved by applying an EBF. Sybase recommends that customers update their EAServer as soon as possible. This vulnerability also affects versions of EAServer prior to version 5.2.

Trade Lifecycle Management White Paper, October 2003
The purpose of this white paper is to document the implementation and configuration of a simple trade lifecycle scenario as well as discuss the issues encountered during testing.

Financial Fusion TradeForce for SWIFT-EAI Adapter Installation and Administration Guide
This document is designed to help you effectively install and use the TradeForce for SWIFT - EAI Adapter. Part#33819-01-0500-01

Financial Fusion TradeForce for GlobalFIX Developer's Guide and API Reference
This guide provides developers with a basic overview of how to configure, use, and extend the capabilities of the GlobalFIX Server. Part#38872-01-0500-01

Fincancial Fusion TradeForce Suite Installation and Configuration Guide
This guide describes how to install and configure Financial Fusion TradeForce Suite. Part#33817-01-0500-01

Financial Fusion TradeForce for GlobalFIX Quick Start Guide
This guide will show you how to start each of two servers. One representing the buy side and the other the sell side. Part#38871-01-0500-01
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