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MobiLink Performance
This whitepaper provides an overview of MobiLink performance.

Mobilizing an Oracle Database Using SQL Anywhere
This paper describes how to mobilize the data stored in the Order Entry (OE) and Human Relations (HR) sample schemas that are provided with the Oracle Database installation.

Building Mobile Enterprise Applications with Android and SQL Anywhere
This document explores some key topics when building a database-driven application for the Android platform using Sybase SQL Anywhere, including database connection, data access, data synchronization, and more.

UltraLiteJ Security on BlackBerry Devices
This article presents an overview of security issues on BlackBerry devices and discuss how an UltraLiteJ application developer may address them based on their security needs.

The UltraLiteJ Database Transfer Utility
The UltraLiteJ database transfer utility transfers UltraLiteJ databases from a BlackBerry smartphone to an external machine. This process is described in this document.

Securing SQL Anywhere Server 10
This whitepaper first discusses the security infrastructure that is required to prevent unauthorized access to business data, and then focuses on the steps needed to secure a SQL Anywhere 10 database server installation properly.

SQL Anywhere 11 New Features Guide
This document describes the main new features included in SQL Anywhere 11. All sample is also provided.

MobiLink End-to-End Encryption
End-to-end encryption provides protocol level encryption between MobiLink or UltraLite clients and the MobiLink server. End-to-end encryption for MobiLink in SQL Anywhere 11 supports both RSA and ECC encryption types.

Mobilizing a MySQL 5.0 Database
This document outlines how to mobilize a MySQL 5.0 database using MobiLink synchronization.

SQL Anywhere for BlackBerry
This paper introduces SQL Anywhere for BlackBerry, with its UltraLiteJ relational database. Learn why SQL Anywhere is the right choice for developers looking to build line-of-business BlackBerry smartphone applications.
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