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Diagnosing Application Performance Issues with SQL Anywhere
This paper presents a method for troubleshooting performance problems in SQL Anywhere.

SQL Anywhere I/O Requirements for Windows and Linux
This document aims to provide the background necessary to understand the durable storage requirements and I/O semantics of SQL Anywhere.

How to Migrate From Oracle Database Lite to Sybase SQL Anywhere
The goal of this paper is to provide helpful information regarding the migration process by documenting the steps needed to transform the sample .NET application "Transport" included in the Oracle Database Lite installation.

SQL Anywhere and Microsoft .NET
This whitepaper provides an overview of SQL Anywhere support for the Microsoft .NET Framework.

SQL Anywhere Integration with Visual Studio 2010
This whitepaper outlines the integration features that are present for Visual Studio 2010 and contains short tutorials demonstrating how the integration features can be used to ease application development while working with a database.

Configuring the Relay Server with Apache using SSL
This document outlines how to configure the relay server using Apache to complete secure MobiLink synchronizations.

Performing Full Text Searches on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Data in SQL Anywhere 11
This document provides background information and procedures for performing a full text search on a database containing Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) data.

Securing the SQL Anywhere Monitor With Transport Layer Security
This whitepaper explains how to secure communication between the SQL Anywhere Monitor server and the browser when using the Monitor.

Getting Started with SQL Anywhere and PHP
This whitepaper provides an introduction to using the PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) scripting language to query your SQL Anywhere database.

Differences Between the SQL Anywhere and MySQL PHP Functions
Contains a link to whitepaper outlining the differences between SQL Anywhere's PHP support, and MySQL's PHP support
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