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Partner Success Stories
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As a global leader in credit and information management, TransUnion creates advantages for millions of people around the world by gathering, analyzing and delivering information. (2009-09-08)

Agencia Tributaria
Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria, the Spanish national tax office’s IT function, uses Sybase technology to fulfill its responsibility of designing, building, acquiring and maintaining systems that facilitate the analysis of tax data. (2008-12-08)

Texas Workforce Commission
This case study outlines how the Texas Workforce Commission was able to re-architect and re-implement a mission-critical application, reducing both the size and frequency of the client releases. (2006-05-15)

S&H Solutions
To manage significant growth as well as provide for more flexible reporting, S&H Solutions implemented a new system. Featuring an IBM System p5™ P570, a redesigned database schema, and Sybase IQ, S&H Solutions increased end-to-end performance by 500%. (2006-05-10)

Samsung Life Insurance
Samsung Life integrated eight different data marts and established an Enterprise Data Warehouse, and reduced storage requirements and costs through Sybase IQ’s superior data compression and unique row-based indexing. (2006-03-20)

People’s Republic of China Ministry of Railways
When China’s Ministry of Railways undertook the monumental task of modernizing its paper-based ticketing system, it chose Sybase. (2005-08-23)
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