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Migrating to Unwired Server
This technote explains how to migrate from Integration Orchestrator or BizTracker to Unwired Server, and how to configure a pre-existing 4.2 EAServer for AMS, BizTracker, and Insurance 1.0 Sample.

Sybase New Era of Networks Product Compatibility
This document is a quick reference for determining the compatibility of EDI products with the operating systems and applications supported by Sybase Technical Support.

Using ECRTP as an Adapter
This document supplements the ECRTP Reference Guide with EDI Adapter information.

EDI Problems Corrected in Release 4.0.1
This TechNote describes certain problems in the 4.0 release of EDI products that have been corrected in 4.0.1.

Protecting Data Integrity when Using the Adapter for SAP R/3 with BAPIs
This TechNote describes the operations in an adapter transaction for SAP R/3 with BAPIs, and how failures are handled.

Migrating to eBiz 2000 Version 3.4.1
This TechNote describes the steps needed to migrate from earlier versions of eBiz 2000 to release 3.4.1.

FAQs About How to Delete Maps in eBiz 2000
This TechNote describes the actions required for manually deleting mapping templates from the eBiz2000 data directory.

FAQs About Configuring e-Biz 2000 on a Windows 2000 Cluster
This document describes how to install and configure e-Biz 2000 to run on a Windows 2000 two node cluster and to successfully achieve failover.

eBiz 2000: MS-SQL Runtime Database Management
This TechNote gives you basic information on the configuration and maintenance of your MS-SQL Server Runtime environment for the runtime MS-SQL Server shipped with eBiz 2000.

eBiz 2000: Right-click on Taskbar Icon Causes Runtime OLE/Automation Error
This TechNote describes a problem with making an Automation call to an out-of-process (ActiveX) EXE from within the event notification of the Taskbar Notification Area callback.
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