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New Features for EDI Products 5.2.2
This document describes new features for EDI Products 5.2.2. Part#DC39126-01-0522-01

New Features for EDI Products 5.2
This document describes new features for EDI Products 5.2. Part#DC39126-01-0520-01

e-Adapter Development Kit 3.9 Developer's Guide
This book provides an overview of the e-Adapter Development Kit. It also defines the e-ADK files and functions that the developer can modify. Part#DC33126-01-0390-02

Installation Guide EDI Products Version 4.2
This document describes how to install the EDI products. The primary user of this document is the person responsible for the installation and configuration of the EDI products. Part#DC00190-01-0420-01

New Features EDI Products 4.2
This document describes new features for EDI Products 4.2 and subsequent EBFs released for ECMap, EC Gateway, and ECRTP on Windows XP/2000/2003, Sun Solaris 2.6/2.7/2.8/2.9, IBM AIX 5.1/5.2, and HP-UX 11i. Part#DC39126-01-0420-05

eBiz Integrator 4.1 What's New & Open Issues
This document details the changes required to update the eBiz Integrator 3.6.x Installation Guide, Feature Guide, User Guide, and System Management Guide to current eBiz Integrator 4.1 content. Part#DC00374-01-0410-01

e-Biz Impact 5.4.5 Application Guide
This book provides information about the different types of applications you create and use in an e-Biz Impact implementation. Part#DC38554-01-0545-01

e-Biz Impact 5.4.5 MSG-IDE Guide
This book describes MSG-IDE terminology and explains basic concepts that are used to build Object Definition Language (ODL) applications. Part#DC10097-01-0545-01

Monitoring e-Biz Impact 5.4.5
This book details the monitoring and alert capabilities available in e-Biz Impact. Part#DC00306-01-0545-01

e-Biz Impact 5.4.5 Feature Guide
This book is for applications developers, and system and application administrators who use e-Biz Impact version 5.4.5. Part#DC39875-01-0545-01
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