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Turn Your Web Developers into Mobile Experts with Sybase Unwired Platform 2.0
The Webcast provides an overview of the SUP 2.0 with use case examples, sample applications and general product information. Partners can use this video to demonstrate the value mobile enterprise application platform technology to customers.  authorized

How to Install Afaria Ver 6.0,by Mark Wright March 12,2009
Installation walk through for Afaria 6.0 given by Mark Wright on March 12,2009.  authorized

Getting to Know SQL Anywhere 12.0 features,by by Eric Ferrar
SQL Anywhere technical webcast on data management and sync features for Ver 12  authorized

SQL Anywhere Overview Ver 12.0,by Chris Kleisath
SQL Anywhere Overview version 12 presentation gives a quick broad overview of SQL anywhere 12.  authorized

Getting Started with SQL Anywhere 12.0 by Eric Ferrar
Presentation will help you learn how you can get started with the industry-leading database management and data movement technologies.  authorized

SQL Anywhere and Spatial Data ver 12.0 by Jason Hinsperger
Watch this webcast to learn more about how to use spatial data in the latest version of SQL Anywhere to capture, use and share location-based data in SQL Anywhere powered applications.  authorized

Capacity Planning for Mobilink Ver 12.0 by Josh Savill,Oct 13,2010
This webcast introduces MLReplay along with performance and testing techniques and pitfalls. It'll also discuss how to determine the capacity of a MobiLink synchronization systems, with an eye on how much hardware the system requires.  authorized

SAP Workflow training for Partners - SUP 1.5.2,July 2010
Low level technical developer training for Partners given by Mark Wright (July 2010) Presentation includes new features as well as demo of the use of the workflow component.  authorized

SUP 1.5.2 Overview training for Partners ,June 14th, 2010
This webcast is about Technical Developer Overview training of features and components of SUP 1.5.2 given by Dave Shiposh (June 14th 2010).Includes demo of MBO creation with SUP.  authorized

Partner Webcast - Afaria Pricing Changes
Join Sybase for this informative webcast to learn about new Afaria pricing that increases the competitiveness of our industry leading mobile device management and security solution.  authorized
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