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Utimaco Safeware
Utimaco developed a purpose-built data retention solution with Sybase IQ as the underlying data warehouse to enable network operators and Internet service providers to easily comply with new telecom regulations.

By using Sybase IQ, Suntel is able to run business-critical reports and queries against a larger volume of historical data without negatively impacting the performance of its production database.

Everything Everywhere
Everything Everywhere's partnership with Sybase 365 transforms the telecommunications industry by giving customers instant mobile access, offering the best value, best choice and best network experience in the United Kingdom.

Sybase CEP enables BICS to guarantee optimum flexibility, efficiency and quality for its internal and external clients in a competitive environment. In doing so, it delivers significant ROI by removing the need for ample investments in machine power.

TeleKom Austria Group
The combined Telekom Austria Group and Sybase 365 solution allows mobile phone users to spend an entire day without carrying cash or credit cards since they can use their cell phones or other mobile devices for transactions.

Taiwan Mobile
Using Sybase IQ, Taiwan Mobile provides world-class telecom services in network infrastructure, product offering, technology development, and customer service.

Orange, a leading telecommunications provider in Europe, introduced an “amateur film making” option delivered to its wireless customers through its mobile devices. Sybase 365 helped Orange create this distinguishing customer experience.

IAM Mobile
IAM Mobile is an Australian based mobile entertainment provider with wide global media connections. IAM teamed up with Sybase 365 to manage its SMS driven awareness campaign aimed at poverty eradication.

Spice Telecom
Spice Telecom, a large telecommunications company providing services across the Indian states of Punjab and Karnataka, uses a host of Sybase technologies including Sybase IQ, ASE, PowerDesigner, and Replication Server.

Phoenix Newspapers, Inc.
Phoenix Newspapers adopted an early client-server architecture leveraging the strengths of Sybase ASE. ASE is the heart of the newspapers’ IT enterprise, powering its circulation system, accounts receivable and retail advertising applications.
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