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EAServer EBFs/Maintenance
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EAServer 5.0 Web Services Samples
EAServer 5.0 includes new Web Services features. There are 10 samples available to help you get started using Web Services. Sample topics include security, PowerBuilder, EJB, Java, dot NET clients, and more.

EAServer Code Samples and Utilities
Over 80 EAServer samples are available in the Sybase Developer Network. Topics include Web Services, SOAP, SSL, J2ME, EJB, JSP, MDB, JMS, JMX, PowerBuilder, Jakarta Ant, Apache Tomcat and Axis, XPath, WAP, Struts, JAXP, JAAS, JNDI, memory tuning, more.

EAServer Debug Utility
EASDebug is a simple script to turn on/off EAServer debug settings.

EAServer Integrator Utility (EASi, pronounced 'easy')
EASi provides a simple, unique, code-free solution that allows EAServer to communicate with other application servers that contains business logic. Through the use of EASi, EAServer can invoke components deployed on other vendor's application servers.

JNDI utility for EAServer's JagTool
This includes the JagTool version of the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) utility with installation and deployment instructions.
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