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Case Studies
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Utimaco Safeware
Utimaco developed a purpose-built data retention solution with Sybase IQ as the underlying data warehouse to enable network operators and Internet service providers to easily comply with new telecom regulations.

By using Sybase IQ, Suntel is able to run business-critical reports and queries against a larger volume of historical data without negatively impacting the performance of its production database.

Taiwan Mobile
Using Sybase IQ, Taiwan Mobile provides world-class telecom services in network infrastructure, product offering, technology development, and customer service.

Spice Telecom
Spice Telecom, a large telecommunications company providing services across the Indian states of Punjab and Karnataka, uses a host of Sybase technologies including Sybase IQ, ASE, PowerDesigner, and Replication Server.

Turkcell, the leading mobile phone operator in Turkey, previously kept conceptual, logical, physical data, ETL process modeling, source to target mapping relations information been in Microsoft— Word, Visio and Excel.

Cellcom, the leading Israeli cellular communication services provider, needed to develop a control system for the company's GSM network. Cellcom turned to Sybase technology to create a low-cost, low-maintenance system.

Sichuan Mobile
Sybase helped Sichuan Mobile properly bill 50,000 customers while also integrating the new billing system with other corporate billing systems and establishing a database infrastructure that allows for future technology upgrades.

Globe Telecom
Globe Telecom has revolutionized the prepaid calling card foundation of the Philippine mobile phone industry by simplifying the process of loading airtime value onto a mobile phone.

TelstraClear built a Sybase IQ-based system to manage the growth of its call reporting system, improve the reporting platform and remain unaffected by backend upgrades.

Airtel Vodafone
Using Sybase IQ, Airtel Vodafone now has a powerful business intelligence tool at the core of its customer data warehouse
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