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Children's Hospital of Omaha Gets Connected with Sybase IQ and ASE
Children's Hospital of Omaha created a data warehouse with Sybase IQ and ASE to connect its disparate systems and provide patient data, research and insight throughout the hospital.

From Mobility to Analytics, Security Finance Relies on Sybase
Security Finance is taking advantage of the Sybase unwired enterprise by leveraging SQL Anywhere, ASE, Sybase IQ, Replication Server, PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner and Sybase Professional Services to safely and efficiently manage its data.

Oregon Liquor Control Commission uses ASE for Speed, Security and Reliability
Oregon Liquor Control Commission uses Sybase technology to control all liquor throughout the state. ASE provides security, faster data and reliability.

ASE Provides Scalability, Reliability and Performance for AIM
With the help of Sybase ASE and Replication Server, AIM pioneered the use of web technology in diagnostic imaging management and has integrated service and technology to create a clinical review process to support the physician-patient relationship.

Sybase ASE: Customer Video Compilation
Discover why several customers value ASE for their mission critical environments. This video provides insight on the unique benefits of ASE straight from the customers' perspective.

Indian Railways Carries 17 Million Passengers Everyday with the Help of Sybase
Indian Railways, the largest rail network in Asia, spans 9,000 stations on 6,000 trains every day. To allow the general public to quickly check on each train, Indian Railways deployed Sybase ASE.

Dobler Consulting Achieves Efficiency with Sybase
Dobler Consulting’s President Peter Dobler discusses his experiences with Sybase ASE In-memory Database technology and Sybase ASE Partitions including tool comparison, application ideas, best practices and improving performance.

Swiss Medical Turns to ASE Cluster Edition to Meet Data Demands and Provide Room for Growth
ASE Cluster Edition enables Swiss Medical to reduce implementation costs of operation and technical administration while doubling processing capacity – helping SMG keep pace with the growth of its business.

Security Finance Increases Performance and Reliability While Reducing Maintenance
Hear how Sybase technology enabled Security Finance to update its previous technology across the enterprise to increase performance, scalability and reliability while minimizing maintenance and keeping costs under control.

Stradcom and Sybase Partner to Develop an Automated System for the Philippines Land Transportation Office
Cezar Quiambao – CEO of Stradcom, discusses the company’s use of Sybase ASE and Replication Server to deliver accurate and fast licensing, motor vehicle registration, and insurance demands to Philippine citizens.
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