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Sybase Event Stream Processor 5.0 Studio Users Guide
This guide includes an Introduction, how to get started, information about Visual Editor Authoring, CCL Editor Authoring, Running and Testing a Project, Customizing the Studio Work Environment, and more. See Contents for details. Part#DC01613-01-0500-02

Sybase Aleri Adapter for Replication Server Users Guide
Install the Sybase® Aleri Adapter for Replication Server® software on the Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform and Replication Server workstations. Part#DC01714-01-0200-01

Sybase Aleri Adapter to Thomson Reuters RMDS Marketfeed 2.2
This guide provides instructions for installing and configuring the Aleri Reuters Marketfeed Adapter for the Aleri Streaming Platform. The Aleri Reuters Marketfeed Adapter is referred to as the Reuters Adapter or Adapter. Part#DC01348-01-0220-01

Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform Introduction to Data Modeling and the Aleri Studio
This tutorial is intended to help users build a few sample data models with the Aleri Part#DC01365-01-0320-01

Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform Release Bulletin
This document describes the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, along with known issues and limitations for Release 3.1.11 of the Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform. Part#DC01287-01-0311-02

Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform Product Overview
Introduces the Aleri Streaming Platform and related Aleri products. Part#DC01286-01-0311-01

Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform Authoring Reference Manual
Introduces the Aleri Streaming Platform and related Aleri products. Part#DC01294-01-0311-01

Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform Authoring Guide
This document is a guide for creating and editing data models with the Aleri Studio. Part#DC01295-01-0311-01

Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform SPLASH Tutorial
Introduces the SPLASH programming language and illustrates its capabilities through a series of examples. Part#DC01288-01-0311-01

Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform Getting Started - The Aleri Studio
Provides the necessary information to start using the Aleri Studio for defining data models. Part#DC01293-01-0311-01
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