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Sybase products affected by the JRE security vulnerability when converting "2.2250738585072012e-308" to a binary floating point number
This document addresses the Oracle, HP and IBM security advisories for the JRE runtime environment hang when converting “2.2250738585072012e-308” to a binary floating point number

Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform: support for UTF-8
The current release line (3.x) of the Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform supports UTF-8 encoded data within data streams, but with the following limitations:

CEP and Storage - Where Does All the Data Go?
The question posed in this paper is, where is the data stored for these streams, and what options for storage are there?

Needles in Haystacks: Pattern Matching on Events in the Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform
The Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform provides primitive support for pattern matching.

Subscription Methods
The Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform provides several different subscription modes, allowing individual clients to tune their subscription for optimal application performance.

Running and Testing Data Models with Sybase Aleri Studio
The focus of this paper is to explore the Run-Test perspective by running the vwap example, uploading some data and examining the resultant data in tabular form.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Queries
A query, as any dictionary will tell you, is a question. Traditional databases are designed to answer concrete questions about existing data—that is, they’re made to tell us what happened in the past.

A Log-Structured Store for Streaming Data
This paper describes a facility for streaming data to disk using a versioned AVL-tree index layered over an append-only log-structured store that operates at between 45-60% the throughput of an in-memory red-black tree or hash table.

Dynamic Services or an Easy Way to Change Your Model
In the database world it’s an issue familiar to every DBA: the application needs to update the database model, how do we do it? The business analysts come up with the new table layout, and now it’s up to the DBA to implement it.

Go with the Flow: Dataflow in the Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform
The Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform is a software infrastructure for processing and analyzing event data—e.g., stock trades, messages from equipment, orders from customers—into aggregated, correlated, and alerting data.
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