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SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor
White Papers
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Sybase CEP to Sybase ESP Conversion Guide
SybaseŽ Event Stream Processor 5.1 (ESP 5.1) has similar functionality to Sybase CEP Option R4 (CEP R4) and most of the functionality in CEP R4 is in ESP 5.1. This Conversion Guide helps CEP R4 users migrate their projects to Sybase ESP 5.1.

SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor: An Overview of Integration Options
This technical white paper provides a high level overview of how SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor (ESP) is integrated with other systems that provide data to ESP and/or consume data from ESP.

Big Data and Smart Trading
The convergence of big data and smart trading is leading to the rapid development of new, profitable, and often fascinating trading strategies.

Sybase Complex Event Processing: Powering More Than Capital Markets
This white paper explores a variety of uses for Sybase's Complex Event Processing technology from seismic monitoring of bridges to telecommunications network surveillance.

Compliance and Competitiveness
A report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, Sponsored by Sybase
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