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OpenSSL Vulnerability (Heartbleed bug) for SAP/Sybase products
List of all SAP/Sybase products affected by the Heartbleed bug.

Security vulnerability in ASE 15.0.2 and later. Also affecting Replication Server, OpenServer/SDK, IQ, SQL Anywhere, EA Server, RAP, and Event Stream Processor.
There is a security vulnerabilities in ASE 15.0.2 and later. This also affects all products that use the TDS protocol either to connect to ASE, or to accpet TDS logins.

Potential corruption using IQ 15.0 and later Multiplex Grid Option utilizing multiple writers
Sybase IQ 15.0 and later when using multiple writers there exist timing related issues that can lead to a bookkeeping error that ultimately leads to data integrity issues

Incremental backups created in a multi-writer MPX configuration using Sybase IQ 15.0, and later, may not be restorable.
Incremental backup archives taken with Sybase IQ 15.0, and later, are created without error, but the subsequent restore of these incremental backups fail to restore with an error in st_globalFlMgr::ReplayCheckpointLog ().

Sybase IQ archives created with a BACKUP statement using more than 36 devices may not be restorable.
Sybase IQ database backup archives may be created without error but the subsequent restore using these backups return a "Tapes out of order" error if greater than 36 devices are used.

Possible data integrity issues caused to FP indexes on Sybase IQ 12.6 ESD# 5 & ESD# 6 after performing update operations
It is possible for FP indexes to suffer integrity issues on Sybase IQ 12.6 ESD# 5 & ESD# 6 after performing update operations on columns with a defined width greater than 255 bytes or clob/blob columns whose data widths are less than 32768 bytes.
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