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How to Create a Print File on Solaris
The .dwprinter.ini file contains current printer setup information. It is located in the $JAGUAR/bin directory. In order to create a print file without being prompted for a file name, the following changes are necessary to the .dwprint.ini file.

Getting PFC into PowerBuilder Help
This technical tip explains how to get PFC into PowerBuilder Help.

Using the Translation Toolkit for PowerBuilder
This document provides an overview of the Translation Toolkit available for PowerBuilder beginning with version This guide is for PB developers who develop applications deployed to end users who speak different languages.

Configuring Netscape Web Servers for use with PowerBuilder Internet Applications
This document contains information on configuring Netscape web servers for use with Powerbuilder Internet Application

How to Create Database Tables from Excel Spreadsheets
How PowerBuilders Data Pipeline can be used to build database tables from Excel spreadsheets.

Connecting to Oracle 8.1.x with PowerBuilder 6.5 or EAServer 3.5, 3.6, 3.6.1 on Solaris
Depending on the version, Oracle supplies either a libclntsh.so.1.0 or libclntsh.so.8.0. This problem affects both PowerBuilder 6.5.x and EAServer (versions 3.5, 3.6 and 3.6.1) for Solaris using the PBVM.

Connecting PowerBuilder Applications to Internet Databases
This documents the general considerations of connectivity to databases trhough the internet.

Converting a Computed Field to a Computed Column
This document contains information on how to perform certain DataWindow functions that work with computed columns but not with computed fields.

PowerBuilder p-code and c-code EXE generation and deployment
PowerBuilder generates executables in two formats machine ( c-code) and interpreted (p-code). This document summarizes generation and deployment

Automatic Window Centering Script
The following script should be placed in the open event of any window. This code will automatically center the window being opened to the exact center regardless of the resolution.
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