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Tutorial: Developing a Simple .NET Database Application with Visual Studio
In this tutorial, you use Microsoft Visual Studio, the Server Explorer, and the SQL Anywhere .NET Data Provider to create an application that accesses one of the tables in the SQL Anywhere sample database, allowing you to examine rows and perform updates.

Tutorial: Build an UltraLite.NET Application
This tutorial guides you through the process of building an UltraLite application using Microsoft Visual Studio. It uses the ADO.NET interface provided by the iAnywhere.Data.UltraLite namespace.

Tutorial: Using Visual C# to Access a SOAP/DISH Web Service
This tutorial illustrates how to create a Visual C# client application to access SOAP/DISH services on a SQL Anywhere web server.

Storing YouTube Subscription Information Inside a SQL Anywhere Database
This sample shows how to use .NET stored procedures to call the YouTube API to retrieve an account's subscriptions and store them in a database.

CLR External Environment Sample
SQL Anywhere includes support for CLR stored procedures and functions. In this example, the database server executes CLR functions that call the two methods defined in a C# class library.

Tutorial: Using the ADO.NET Entity Framework with SQL Anywhere
This tutorial demonstrates SQL Anywhere's capability to retrieve data from an ADO.NET entity data model (EDM) using the following methods: binding controls to data source objects, EntityClient provider, object services, and LINQ to entities.

AdventureWorks2008 Windows Mobile Samples
Using the 'AdventureWorks2008 Sample Database for SQL Anywhere', and leveraging Microsoft .NET 3.5 technologies, the following samples are intended to demonstrate the key features of SQL Anywhere for Windows Mobile.
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