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MobiLink Whitepapers
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Secure Data Synchronization Using the Relay Server and MobiLink Server Farms
This document outlines how to configure synchronization with a MobiLink server farm through the relay server

MobiLink Performance
This whitepaper provides an overview of MobiLink performance.

MobiLink End-to-End Encryption
End-to-end encryption provides protocol level encryption between MobiLink or UltraLite clients and the MobiLink server. End-to-end encryption for MobiLink in SQL Anywhere 11 supports both RSA and ECC encryption types.

MobiLink Synchronization Profiles
Synchronization profiles can significantly reduce the complexity of the command line or statement used to start synchronization of the remote database. It allows the synchronization configuration to reside in the database rather than in the application.

SQL Anywhere and Microsoft .NET
This whitepaper provides an overview of SQL Anywhere support for the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Configuring the Relay Server with Apache using SSL
This document outlines how to configure the relay server using Apache to complete secure MobiLink synchronizations.

SQL Anywhere 11 New Features Guide
This document describes the main new features included in SQL Anywhere 11. All sample is also provided.

The Dbmlsync API
This whitepaper describes the Dbmlsync API, a programming interface that allows applications written in C++ or .NET development languages to launch MobiLink synchronization seamlessly.

MobiLink SQL Passthrough
SQL Passthrough gives administrators the ability to download scripts of SQL statements from a consolidated database to one or more remote databases, and have those SQL statements execute on the remotes at an appropriate time.

Running MobiLink Redirector on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Server
This document provides procedures for setting up the SQL Anywhere 10.0.1 MobiLink ISAPI Redirector on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition server running IIS 5.0 in isolation mode.
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