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Seizing the Mobile Enterprise Opportunity
This paper outlines three business trends converging to create a singularly pivotal opportunity for mobile software solutions providers.

Oracle Database Lite to Sybase SQL Anywhere Migration Scenarios
This paper outlines the different scenarios that are typically found in an Oracle Database Lite deployment and how they can be migrated to a Sybase SQL Anywhere environment.

2010 Peer Insights Report for ISV Executives
How do you minimize engineering and support costs—while at the same time—build and support top-quality, highly competitive applications? The 2010 Peer Insights Report for ISV Executives will show you how to do this and more.

Primary Keys in a Distributed Database Environment
This tutorial shows you how to set up a synchronization environment with unique keys across all remote databases.

Software Development with Eclipse and SQL Anywhere
This whitepaper outlines the business reasons why SQL Anywhere is well suited to development work with Eclipse.

Reducing Enterprise Data Synchronization Headaches: Mobilizing Microsoft SQL Server with MobiLink
This whitepaper servers as an introduction to mobilizing Microsoft SQL Server. The focus of this paper is on the many benefits of choosing SQL Anywhere as a means to build, deploy and maintain Microsoft SQL Server remote databases.

Business Reasons For Mobilizing Oracle Databases Using SQL Anywhere
This whitepaper outlines several business reasons to mobilize the data inside your Oracle 10g database.

The Top 5 IT Considerations for Secure Wireless Email
Register now to access this white paper to learn the top 5 considerations for secure wireless email.

Business Benefits of Embedding SQL Anywhere
This datasheet outlines the business reasons why software vendors are choosing to embed an enterprise caliber database in their applications, rather than interface to external databases.

SQL Anywhere Application Scenarios for Small to Medium Sized Businesses
Today?s small to medium sized business (SMB) applications are all about data - gathering it, storing it, analyzing it, and sharing it - and databases are at the heart of these applications. (November 2003)
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