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With Sybase ESP, Headstrong can quickly develop customer-facing financial applications that correlate large amounts of data from multiple sources in real-time and present the data with low latency to facilitate decision-making processes.

SunGard Protegent
Thanks to Sybase IQ SunGard’s Protegent compliance solutions no longer experiences performance issues due to growth in data volumes, enabling users to run queries more quickly against larger volumes of increasingly complex current and historical data.

To meet its strategy of managing market and trading risk effectively, TurkDEX choose Sybase CEP (formerly Coral8) as the cornerstone of its surveillance application to manage market and trading risk.

Sybase CEP enables BICS to guarantee optimum flexibility, efficiency and quality for its internal and external clients in a competitive environment. In doing so, it delivers significant ROI by removing the need for ample investments in machine power.

Is Yatirim
A leader and innovator in capital markets, Is Yatirim uses Sybase technology for data management, development and design to assure it meets its organizational goal of accelerated growth and optimal customer service.

Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International
After testing and evaluating the alternatives, MUSI chose Sybase RAP – The Trading Edition and Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform as the foundation of its state-of-the-art trading infrastructure.

BNP Paribas Securities Services
BNP Paribas Securities Services is a division of BNP Paribas Group, a leading securities services bank in Europe. It uses Sybase technology to improve the level of service of its online reporting by internally developing a separate reporting application.

Israel Discount Bank
Israel Discount Bank, one of Israel's leading financial institutions, provides a full range of domestic and international financial products and services. It relies on Sybase technology to support the foreign and Israeli currency trading.

ITG Israel
Investment Technology Group (ITG) provides innovative stock trading solutions and services. Using Sybase technology, ITG has developed a wide range of critical systems, with each providing a specific solution to a certain stage in the stock trading cycle.

Citigroup has established a new form of online historical archive in Germany, in which years of trading data, among other things, can be stored efficiently online. Users can select and analyze historical data at speed, and generate reports.
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