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AdventureWorks2008 .NET Samples for SQL Anywhere
Using the AdventureWorks2008 Sample Database for SQL Anywhere, and leveraging Microsoft .NET 3.5 technologies, the following samples are intended to demonstrate the key features of SQL Anywhere.

SQL Anywhere Feature Support on Windows Mobile
The components and features of SQL Anywhere that supported on Windows Mobile.

Tutorial: Build an UltraLite.NET Application
This tutorial guides you through the process of building an UltraLite application using Microsoft Visual Studio. It uses the ADO.NET interface provided by the iAnywhere.Data.UltraLite namespace.

UltraLite and .NET
UltraLite.NET applications can be deployed to Windows Mobile and Windows.

Tutorial: Deploying a SQL Anywhere .NET Application Using ClickOnce
While going through this tutorial, we will be deploying and installing a sample ADO.NET application using the ClickOnce deployment method. We will then update the database runtime files and redeploy the application.

How to Migrate From Oracle Database Lite to Sybase SQL Anywhere
The goal of this paper is to provide helpful information regarding the migration process by documenting the steps needed to transform the sample .NET application "Transport" included in the Oracle Database Lite installation.

Oracle Database Lite to Sybase SQL Anywhere Migration Scenarios
This paper outlines the different scenarios that are typically found in an Oracle Database Lite deployment and how they can be migrated to a Sybase SQL Anywhere environment.

Getting to Know SQL Anywhere 12.0 features,by by Eric Ferrar
SQL Anywhere technical webcast on data management and sync features for Ver 12  authorized

SQL Anywhere Overview Ver 12.0,by Chris Kleisath
SQL Anywhere Overview version 12 presentation gives a quick broad overview of SQL anywhere 12.  authorized

Getting Started with SQL Anywhere 12.0 by Eric Ferrar
Presentation will help you learn how you can get started with the industry-leading database management and data movement technologies.  authorized
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